What is the difference between a project management and a construction management

A project manager deals in all aspects of the real estate development process from the initial assessment/conception phase, until the final move in, and beyond. A construction manager, on the other hand, is concerned solely with the construction aspect of the project.

In simple terms, the project manager will make sure all activities are aligned with the client’s overall goals and objectives for the project. This means that the project manager will plan, manage, oversee and fine-tune all of the details of the project, not just its construction phase and will even help to select and ultimately manage the construction manager.

  • Our construction managers are involved in personnel management at the construction site.
  • They ensure that materials are delivered on time and that tools are available on the work site.
  • They also administer the construction budget.
  • They will request work order changes and make decisions as to building practices in compliance with building codes.
  • Finally, they are also responsible for meeting with consultants, clients, engineers and inspectors.